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Sweeney's Fleet

Acadian Pal

Swordfishing Vessel

Blt. 1956 by A. F. Theriault & Sons, Meteghan River, N.S.

constructed to be easily concerted to a scallop dragger.

Captain Henry E. d'Entremont


Ex. Werra II

MV Cargo Ship

Blt. 1929, McKay, W. C., Shelburne, N.S.

Captained by: Capt. Crouse , Capt. Jack Ashford

Adventurer II

MV Scallop Dragger

Blt. 1970, A. F. Theriault & Sons, Meteghan, N.S.

Launched off of Saint Mary's Bay July 22, 1970


Freighter (Sail)

4-Masted Schooner

Blt. 1939, California

Previously owned by Thomas Meade Bram

Sold ca. 1939

Captain Randall



Blt. 1932

Capt. Martin Frampton

Solda 1932 to Pictou County


Scallop Dragger

Blt. 1970, A. F. Theriault & Sons, Meteghan, N.S. 

Anna D.

Blt. 1932, Meteghan, N.S.

Capt. Stan Collins Last Trip: Engineer George Surrette, Wireless opperator Bob Empy, Deck Hands: Henri LeBlanc (Wedgeport), Jim Hubbard (Wedgeport), Ches Vallis, Clarence [Cabbage] Allen (Yarmouth) Notes from J. d'Entremont "Notes from All Over": Vessle was reputed to be named after Capt. Collins girl friend Anna Doucette. Allen says Collins chartered Anna D. from Sweeney as a Rum Runner 

Anna E. Campers

Blt. 1963 by A. F. Theriault & Sons, Megeghan 

Longlineing for halibut. Longlineing for swordfish. Burned on the fishing banks, October 1970 


(Good Luck)

Blt. 1928

Capt. Roland Williams Mar. 1937, Capt. Jack Ashford Mar. 1937 Engineer Oland Kent Mar. 1937 

Maliseet word 'Apolog'aneek' for the joining of two rivers


M.V. Cargo Ship

Blt. 1932, Meteghan, N.S.

Freighter for the Eastern Shore. Experimental Scallop dragger. In WWII, used as a RCAF Cutter towing targets for practice. Later worked in the Cod Fishery in Newfoundland. 

Arthur D. Maxwell

Swordfishing Schooner

Blt. 1941

Captain Evee D'Entremont

for some trips, Lubin D'Entremont, son of Captain would act as a doryman. Striker Andrew D'Eon

Arthur F.

Ex. Alahunza

Blt. 1925

CApt. Leslie d'Entremont

Barbara J. Howell

See Dorothy & Ethel III

Capt. Wilbur Mosher

Beatrice L.

Blt. 1931, Meteghan River, N.S. 


M.V. Cargo Ship

Blt. 1929 J. B. Robichau, Meteghan, N.S. 

Bernard N. Seeley

Capt. Rose Started longlining for ground fish, changed over to longlining swordfish about 1970

Bought in 1979 Grounded on Bakers Island as an addition to their island property. Later caught on fire, vandalized and abandonded.

Cavalier No. I


Blt. 1964 Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Launched: September 1964

Captained by Arnold d'Entremont of West Pubnico at launch

Gross Tons: 186

Total Length: 103

Register Number: 322906

Capt. Randolph d'Entremont, 1968


Challenger III

 Blt. 1962, Meteghan River, N.S.

Builder: A. F. Theriault

Home Port: Yarmouth

Owner: Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Limited

Gross Tons: 146.09

Dimensions: L 90.5’ or with O.A. 97’ B 23’ 6” D 10’ 3”

Register Number: 318882

Capt. Max Fiander
In the period of 1970-1972 the following was done: Unrigged from scolloping, rigged for swordfish longlineing for Captain Max Fiander, unrigged from longlineing swordfish, rerigged for scolloping again. Sold to Wedgeport. Recommissioned November 1979 Master April 1980: Andrew d’Eon of Tusket 

CLaude L. Sanderson

Btl. 1965, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 189

Total Length: 102

Register Number: 323795

Named after a local Barrister

Commodore IV

Blt. 1963, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 176

Total Length: 102

Register Number: 320378

Capt. Leslie d'Entremont, 1968


Tug Boat

Blt. 1931, Meteghan, N.S.

Capt. Mike Petite, Jan. 1937

Capt. Arthur Moore



 Blt. 1963, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Capt. Lorenzo d'Entremont
Gross Tons: 186

Total Length: 102

Register Number: 320392


 Blt. 1965, Meteghan River, N.S.

A. F. Theriault

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 195

102 ft. Scallop Dragger

When the Flying Spray caught fire off Liverpool in October 1966, her 16-man crew abandoned ship and were picked up by the Coquette, of which Captain Gordon Knock was the skipper.



Blt. 1925, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Captain Hugh Setters

Suspected to have sunk off the Sandford coast of Nova Scotia with loss to all its men in December 1930


Scallop Dragger

Launched February 26, 1964, Meteghan River

A. F. Theriault & Sons

24 ft. w. x 12 ft.

Captain Leslie d'Entremont of West Pubnico

Dominion Halsyd

Capt. Munroe Jan. 1937, 1938

  Coastal Freight boat “DOMINION HALSYD”, Captain Arnold Lowe, arrived at Louisburg from Halifax with freight. First trip of the season, April 24th, 1935  

Dominion Shipper

Small coastal motor ship, Cargo Ship

Blt. 1925

F. S.


Mahone Bay, N.S.

Capt. Frank Welch Jan. 1937

Scrapped 1948-49

Dominion Chief

Dorothy G. Snow

A 98-ton Bluenose-type vessel built by Joseph McGill at Shelburne in 1911. She was owned by Captain Joseph Snow, was captained by his brother William, and was named for his daughter Dorothy Greeley Snow. She was renamed the Maria Sonya and wrecked near Bermuda in December 1959.

Dorothy & Ethel III

Later Barbara J. Howell


103 ft, purse Seiner

Captain Leslie d'Entremont

George & Earl

Gertrude De Costa


  It was involved in a collision with an oil tanker the Island Connector in the harbour in 1950. Seven seamen went down with the vessel. It was a wooded schooner over 30 m in length with two masts.

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Grace & Ruby


Named after Walter Sweeney's daughters Grace (Harding) and Ruby (Cooper)

Game Cock

M. V. 

Rum Runner associated with the M.V. "Walter Jr."

Good Luck

Blt. 1926, McKay, W. C., Shelburne, N.S.

Cargo Ship, later swordfish

Gladys E. Sweeney

Cargo Ship

Blt. 1947

Launched July 17th, 1947


Foundered off St. Shots Cove, Newfoundland, 1952

Capt. Percy Rafuse

Inshore Fisherman

Integrity I

I Wonder

Josie S.

Blt. 1961, Meteghan River, N.S.

A. F. Theriault & Sons

Home Port: Yarmouth

Named after the mother of Laurence Sweeney, Josie Sweeney

Gross Tons: 136

Total Length: 97

Register Number: 314583

Scallop Dragger

Captain Leslie d'Entremont

J. E. Kinney

Requisitioned for war service, commissioned as the "General Schmidlin"

Joe Book


Captain Sandy Nickerson, 1963

Kirk & Sweeney

Later George & Earl

Start longlining for ground fish, changed over to longlining swordfish about 1969

Karen Sweeney


blt. 1962, Metaghan River, N.S

Home Port: Yarmouth, N.S.

Gross Tons: 143

Total Length: 102

Register Number: 320408

Capt. Max Fiander

Built for ground fish, later in the 1970s changed over to swordfishing with longliners.

Kevin Sweeney

Blt. 1960, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 127

Total Length: 86

Laurence Kent Sweeney

Built by Smith & Rhuland

Requisitioned for Canadian War Service, commissioned as the "Eskimo" to supply emergency caches by the RCAF

 Kent Sweeney


Ex. Norway

Mary Patricia

Blt. 1961, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 149

Total Length: 86.3’

Register Number: 314569

Maurice M.

Mary Sweeney

Started longlining for ground fish, changed over to longlining swordfish about 1969. 

  Capt. Albert Parsons  

Merry Widow

Blt. 1960, Meteghan River, N.S.

Home Port: Yarmouth

Gross Tons: 127

Total Length: 86.3’

Skipper Gordon Knock


Fish house put on about 1966 for longlining ground fish. Changed to swordfish longlining about 1969. 

  Capt. Wilbur Mosher 


Ex. Alex Johnson

Blt. 1931

Renamed 1951


Unfinished, Commissioned unnamed as M522



Miss Reba O.

Blt. 1965 A. F. Theriault, Meteghan River, N.S.

Gross Tonnage: 193

Wooden Scollaper

Named after Miss Reba Onigman of Reba Fisheries, Boston. Miss Reba Onigman was W. L. Sweeney's Boston-U.S. representitive

Nova IV

Patrick & Michael

A knockabout banker, trawler

Blt. 1920

Lost on the Hudson's Bay, 1928

Patricia Sweeney

Pick O'Sea

Scallop Dragger

Capt. Sylvester d'Entremont

Ran aground October 1970

Brand of Scallops named after this Dragger


Small motor ship

Princess Arlene

Princess Pat


Reine Marie Stewart

Freight (Sail)

4-Masted Barque

Reo II

Blt. 1931, Meteghan, Nova Scotia

Rum Running vessel turned military vessel, commissioned as an auxillary minesweeper in WWII

Sadie L. 



Captain James Schmeisser

South Wind

Stewart T. Salter

Named after businessman of the forementioned title which was a sawmill in Parrsboro, N.S.


261 Gross Tonnage

1 diesel engine, 1 screw, 1mast

Loss: May 16, 1938 from flooding. Hauled to Mass., USA and dismantled

Student Prince

Student Prince II



Vegabond Prince

Velvet Lady

Walter Sweeney Jr.

Stranded at entrance of Tor Bay, N.S., 1934

Winnie Anne

Stranded on Green Island, N.S. 1952

W. D. Sweeney

Cargo Ship

Blt. 1942

GT: 392

Immediatly after her launching, she was taken into the Canadian Army, Water Transport Section, Commissioned "general drury, serving as a target towing vessel, 1944

Foundered 50nm NE Grand Turk, 1953




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